City of Los Santos

The Capital of San Andreas

Los Santos Police Department

This department is tasked with providing law enforcement, crime prevention services, first response, bike patrol, and traffic control for the city of Los Santos and the nearby hills. Working in Los Santos is an environment where you never know what could be laying around the corner. The nice thing is back up isn't too far out.

Required Uniform 


White tucked shirt

Black cargo/dress pants 

Black boots 

Black tie 

Black tactical vest

Black or yellow track jacket with crew emblem


Navy tucked shirt.

Navy cargo pants

Black boots

Black tactical vest 

Required weapons

Pistol of your pick with flashlight nothing else 

Pump shotgun flashlight only

Carbine rifle or mp5

crew link above!


Current Chief: Maui Youtube V2

Assistant Chief :crigger98

Sgt: tacopstroller


Current Chief: Munchjr33