City of Los Santos

The Capital of San Andreas

Los Santos Fire Department

Los Santos Fire Department offers medical services, rescue, and fire protection to the city of Los Santos, village of Chumash, and the surrounding hills 24/7, Always Ready This is a full time job.

 The EMS division of the LSFD provides ambulatory care, paramedical and basic,  to the city of Los Santos, village of Chumash, and the surrounding hills. This is a full time job.


Fire : Black baseball Cap(If want to)

                Navy Blue Pants

                Blue Tucked Button Down (Chiefs wear white)

                Black Boots

EMS:       Black baseball Cap(If want to)

                Navy Blue Cargo Pants

                Navy Blue Tucked Button Down

                Black Boots


Current Chief: HailUs

Asst Chief of Fire: --

Asst Chief of EMS:--


Current Chief: andywazhere